Fabulous Origins A little over 30 years ago Donna Salyers made her first faux fur coat. The sketch, the fabric, the style, and every stitch from neck to ankle. She couldn’t afford the real deal, but she could create, sew and tailor like only her grandma taught her. Scheduled to be on a TV show (based on her fashion sewing newspaper column) in New York, she was determined to go in style, with a hand-made, full-length “mink” capable of fooling the finest fashion houses.

Sewn with Soul A seamstress by age seven, it’s no surprise Donna’s debut into faux craftsmanship was a huge success. After hearing a Paul Harvey broadcast about a company that skinned cats to be used as “mink,” the animal-lover in her knew this was her calling. She began selling faux fur coat kits – drafting the patterns, sourcing the finest faux furs in true entrepreneurial-style from the basement of her home. From her basement workshop and a garage filled with faux fur, her business began to take flight.

Tailored to Perfection As home sewing declined and the demand for coats made by Donna increased, Fabulous-Furs evolved into a ready-to-wear business. Donna alone was the “ready-to-wear” department. But as word spread, and her coats were discovered in Hollywood by animal rights activists, such as Loretta Swit (of M*A*S*H), Fabulous-Furs took on a life of its own. With a team of seamstresses now on-staff, Donna had to make sure every coat had the same quality in stitching, level of meticulous detail and dedication to craftsmanship, as if she were doing it herself, so she created a series of quality checkpoints, known today as ‘Donna’s 20-point perfection inspection’

Construction Pelt lines are straight, square and match as closely as possible Fur nap direction is uniform and per standard Facing fold matches pelt lines Hand baste edges to ensure seamless construction March chalk notches to ensure perfect and smooth seams Seam allowances are minimal for nearly invisible seams Free of fur pile for flat, inconspicuous seams

Details Securely sew closures to ensure years of opening and closing Check closure location to be certain garment closes perfectly with hem edges aligned Pocket opening should be as inconspicuous as possible Check that the pocket strip lies smooth and flat Ensure pocket layers don’t shift while sewing Take time to base fur hem before attaching lining.

Finishing Trim loose threads Lightly brush fur to ensure wrinkles and seams are smooth Remove excess fur fibres to reduce shedding Measure and compare to size charts to ensure fit Secure all closures Ensure garment hangs nicely on hanger Last look review with head of quality to ensure all is perfect


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